A puppy was beaten very badly by a drug addicted man. After being saved the puppy can not conseal his tears as if he felt that now he is safe and sound


Unsheltered dogs and cats fight for their life every day. One of the struggle is for something to eat and drink.Staying sound and safe is a every day struggle.

Many people do not understand that unsheltered animals are not considered to be  “annoyance” and in general injure them.

It is painful and distressing but unfortunately  a lot of countries lack the existence of a low about the rudeness towards stray animals.

One unsheltered dog was beaten and maltreated by a cruel man who was addicted to drugs.

Unfortunately the puppy had very serious harms that influenced on his life.

The time the dog was noticed he was lying on the pavement in despair.  Her body was infected and he was seriously harmed and damaged.

He looked so weak and poor he was not able to walk or stand. He was sick and faint and witout hop waiting somebody to save him.Gratefully, somebody rescued him.

The puppy was named Leona. The weak puppy was brought to the veterinarian. He was examined and needed an operation so that he could live. The puppy was in a terrible state. He suffered from pain.

The animal doctor felt sorry for the dog seeing him crying loudly. He was given some medicine. But fortunately step by step he recovered.

The operation succeded. He was curing very rapidely. Luckily he has a loving and caring rescuer and a vet. They do everything for him. He deserves to be happy and have a forever home. Our prayers and love to this puppy. Let him soon have a forever home.

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