A tiny cute seal looks from the rocks having a hope to be saved after being trapped between the rocks


Previous week when a lot people were strolling on the seaside  St Mary’s Island in Whitley Bay, in  England, they saw a lovely and sweet  tiny seal extending his tiny head out from a manhole.



When the passerbies noticed the cute creature they just considered that the seal is just enjoying his time on the beach between the rocks.

She felt really cheerful. But unluckily this wad not that case. The seal was suffering as he was poked among the rocks and was not able to get out of the rocks.

The valounteers came to the place to rescue the cute creature as the people made  a phone call to   St. Mary’s Seal company and told about the case.

The time the group of valunteers came they claimed that the cute seal tried to pass over the rocks and fell between the huge rocks.

In general the time seals get poked between rocks but they are able to get out by themselves. But unluckily the cute creature was not able to get out

The seal looked ao poor and hopeless and waited for the people who were able to save and support him. As the reacuers and valunteers were aware of such cases , they just did the process with care, they carefully pulled the cute seal out of rocks.

They covered her face with a bath sheet to release the stress and be concious that the seal did not bite. The rescuers acted rapidely and they were able to push the seal from the rocks as this could end by harms on the body of the seal.

Gratefully, the cute and sweet creature is wholly safe after the bad occurance. The rescuers examined the seal in order to know whether the seal did not have serious harms. When they saw that the seal is safe and sound they put the seal into the water.

Fortunately, the seal is rescued by the help and quick actions of those people who noticed him.

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