An ill and unsheltered puppy asked for help both for him and his friend by showing his paw to passerbies


In Romania the two puppies named Hugo and Elsie were in a horrible state the time  they were seen by Ray Animal Rescue. The rescuers were looking for the dogs for nearly an hour after getting a phone call  from a kind hearted man who saw the tiny puppies by accident.

The time the dog named Elsie was noticed by  one of the rescuers. The puppy gave her hand as he wanged his tail to be saved.  Although he simple though about his friend Hugo. He just did not want to leave him abandoned.

After a short time, the two dogs were taken by a car to the regional veterinarian. Elsie’s skin was all in a red colour and ache. She was in need of medical shower curing for nearly two months.

The two puppies were brought to an animal shelter, where the dog Hugo was adopted immediately.

Unfortunately,  the puppy  Elsie was still fighting to search for forever home for his very big size as her look did not appeal to anybody.

After six months Elsie was noticed by Andreea and Maria and he was adopted by them. The couple knew the story of this cute dog.

Here is the video of the stray puppy:

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