True example of devotion and care. A touching and shivering story of a puppy who refuses to leave his sibling side who had already passed away


Two cute dogs were seen left all alone in the pavement. One of the puppies named Emma was just guarding her sibiling who was passing away, but the puppy was in need of support and care.

Though being in a terrible condition the puppy still fought for his life. Pavement rescuers noticed the two poor and hopeless puppies.

The dog really did everything to rescue his sister. But sadly in real life the puppy could hardly stand or live by himself. Unfortunately, it was very late for her sister.

The people who came to save took the puppy Emma to the animal hospital for immediate care.

This rescuers were angels for the puppy. Due to their rapid actions the puppy got a second opportunity to live, as every creature needs to live happily and safe.

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