After a devotion of a married couple the husky suffered badly because of bad treatment


A dog named Finn was left outdoors without any shelter having nothing to eat or to drink for nearly two years.The owners of a dog were a married couple who unluckily divorced and the husband took the husky with serious ignoration. The time the team of rescuers noticed the dog he looked poor and very thin. His bones were even seen.

When the people who saved the puppy put him in the car, he slept and relaxed for nearly two hours on the way to the animal shelter. Although the husky was in terrible health state, but he continued to struggle and showed hia strength.

The strngth of the dog surprised everybody. The husky began to wait for going out of his cage every time to play cheerfully.

Now the husky feels care and love and much attention towards him. A week after a week his health state gets better and recovers very quickly. His fur which was lacking now step by step the fur grows.

Husky shows his happiness by moving his tail in an active way. The people who wanted to adopt the cute husky visited him during his recovery. Nowdays the husky has a forever home where he is loved and enjoys his life to the fullest.

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