Video. A badly injured dog came to the runner who noticed him accidently


Once a runner noticed  a puppy named Lilac. The dog made an effort to live having an injured leg and damged jaw hiding under a car. Unfortunately another dogs and strange people badly damaged the dog. Although the time  a good doing person came, the puppy came to greet them. His face expression showed that he felt he was rescued.

A rescue company named   Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs  in New York took the dog to an animal  hospital , where the puppy  was given a medical care. In the future the vet examined that the dog had a badly damged leg and jaw, and a trauma.

Although he has many harms, the dog continues to move his tail when somebody gives him some attention or care.The dog is so smart and  rather pretty, very strong and has a great wish to live.

The dog spreqds love, connection and care. She has overcome difficulties but still is very sociable. He is very open to human beings.

Vets could not rescue his leg and did everything to cure the dog. Now the dog has only three legs, but he is being cured step by step. Lila is prospering due to love and care that the dog recieves.

The dog was struggling for his life but luckily now he is safe and sound.  She is getting love and care completely though he has lost his leg.

Here is the full story of the dog:

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