Video. A “disfigured” dog changes very quickly when he begins to gain trust towards people


For many years a dog named Kesley was a stray dog which was living in the dangerous pavements. He lived in a dirty streets looking for food and somewhere to sleep.

He got many serious infections because of his dirty surroindings.

Her health problems have become so serious amd severe that the dog had difficulty in searching for food.

Once a man noticed the weak dog while driving his car. He stopped the car and came nearer to the dog. He tried to convince the puppy to get in the car and succeded as the dog lost his truat towards people.

Ber skin was so injured that he needed a medical care. The dog’s instinct made him go with this man.

The kind hearted man took the poor dog to the veterinarian and the vets examined the dog carefully. Unluckily it seemed that the dog was on the edge of death. He was in a miserable health state. But fortunately he ate a meal fully first time in her life.

The vets made a concrete plan for the recovery of the puppy as he was in a weak state. Her whole body was infected and her skin was all in pink. Her skin began to improve and recover step by step. The puppy started to believe people and their honesty seeing how they looked after him.

The time the dog started to recover his fur became thick and white. This was a victory for the dog.The dog Kelsey had a victory.

The dog is not without figure and strange appearance any longer. Kesley became a loving, pretty puppy who has a forever home now.Due to everybody’s support and care the dog is safe and sound now.

Here is the video of unbelievable change of the puppy from the time of living outdoors and now having a caring forever home.

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