Fortunately, the weak dog is rescued after starving from hunger outdoors


This is a story of a weak and poor puppy which does not have any shelter to live in. The name of the dog is Peanut. He was so thin that his bones were so notable. He was seen just strolling outdoors in Philippines.

Luckily, the dog was saved due to kind hearted and generous people. These people seeing the terrible state of the dog took him to a vet. They just wanted to save the dog on the edge of death.

He was examined immediately and it turned out that he had serious health problems. He had a very poor immune system. Gratefully, his appetite did not stop, he was well fed and taken care of here.

After being rescued he was getting better day after day his fur grew rapidely in only 3 weeks. He has all he deserves. He will be put for adoption and he will soon have a forever home.

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