PHOTOS. A tight and gentle friendship between a shepherd and an owl. A famous animal photographer Tanja Brandt took photos of these two cute creatures


The friendship between different type of animals is unusual but nowdays there are many cases of such friendship.

The true friendship does not ask any size, weigh and age of the creature. Here is a friendship captured by a famous animal photographer Tanja Brandpt.

He took photos of a cute dog and an owl. They made up friends and were nearly always together. The dog is named Ingo and the owl is named Poldi.

The dog Ingo always looks after the owl and protects him everywhere. The photographer goes for a walk with them. The cute owl was the smallest  egg laying in size. The owl is fortunate for not being dead, as the shell was very thin.

This is  a story about unusual and tight friendship between an owl and a shepherd. They like to take photos together and help each other for photoshoot.

Tanja also says that the owl is not aware how to live alone and is so interconnected with the dog. The dog is a Belgian shepherd and is able to protect the owl. The owl is rather small when we compare this owl to other owls.

This dog has overcome difficulties as he was a police dog once. The two uncommon friends are fond of each other.

Unluckily and sorrowfully the owl passed away and the photos were shot some years ago. Rest in peace cute owl Poldi.

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