PHOTOS. A kind boy helped and covered the mother kitten giving a birth under a severe hurricane


There was a furious hurricane and the wind blow heavily at the Manila Bay. There was a lad standing without moving although there was a terrible weather and he was all freezing from cold.

The kind hearted led was beside a pier, he was in a short yellow pants and blue coloured top in this cold day.

He was holding a flexible cover on top of a cat who was having babies in the pier. He did this to protect the mother cat from severe rain and hurricane.

As to the Linus Escador who was a journalist the heartbreaking view was taken in the severe hurricane in 2015.

The time the boy noticed the cat giving birth, the boy did not thinks about anything but rescueing the cat. He did not even think about his security. He was badly wet under thr heavy rain and frost.

Somw time after the regional animal fund saved the mother cat and her babies. The boy is a real hero and he behaved bravely and very gentle.

Due to him the mother cat and the kittens live happily now. Always remember that animals need our support and care. This act of the boy shows that humanity still exists.

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