The four ill and lonely puppies without fur suffered from severe cold. They cuddled each other tightly to warm up


It was severe cold and wet weather. A man was going to his workplace and noticed six puppies suffering from cold. The puppies needed support immediately.

The puppies did not nearly have fur. They hugged each other tightly in order to feel warm. It is not obvious how the puppies lived in the forest without mother dog.


The weak puppies looked so poor. Seeing these poor puppies he took them to the Alabama’s animal shelter. The vets were surprised and felt sorry seeing the puppies. Even their skin was damaged badly because of severe cold.


The puppies were in a terrible state. They were washed with hot water.They were weak, exhausted and frozen. As their fur was not on their skin it was rather difficult to know what breed were the puppies. They were treated here for some time. After being cured they were adopted by kind people.

The puppies were given two different families and these loving families took care of them and gave the love they deserved.

Their fur appeared and grew up due to that it was clear that the puppies were of the Pyrenean dog breed.

Their health state got better and now they live their life to the fullest. Soon they will have a forever home.

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