A dog was thrown away from his house because of being ill was nodding his head as a sign of being ashamed


A tiny dog was seen in the pavement in an awful look. The puppy nodded his head as a sign of being ashamed. He felt horrible and not worthy for living as a usual dog.

He was evidently feeling sorrowful and neglected. Luckily, a kind good doing person decided to help him. He brought the weak puppy to the regional rescue organization.

The local rescuers gave him a name Sardinha. According to local people he was left outdoors when he was ill. He needed careful treatment and care.

He really deserves to be loved as he was so cute.He had many health problems. He had skin problems, an eye infection, helminths. As the puppy raised his head to look at the vets, it was clear he had cute and big eyes.

The dog was rescued  by a woman. After a hard work to return the puppy to regular life, she gave the puppy a life which was full of joy.  She could return his trust towards people.

Sardina became lively and even played outdoors. A lovely family noticed the puppy and made   a desicion to adopt. Luckily, he has a forever home now.

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