A hungry dog was rescued by a man in an abondened island and the puppy was given a second chance to live


Wesley White was canoeing in Belize. The time he was canoeing he found out a dog far away. That was a hungry and thirsty dog. The bones of the dog was even noteable. He was very sociable.

The dog barked wanting someone to help him. It was not clear why the dog was in such abondened place, but initially he thought of rescueing the dog.

Wesley had to overcome difficulties. He had little time to stay in Belize. But he thought only of saving the dog until it was too late.
He would be in Belize only for 36 hours.

When the man returned the hotel with the puppy everybody did their best to help him. Even a vet was called and the puppy was taken to animal clinic for a short period of time.

The animal doctor, Dr. Mia, always informed Wesley about the health state of the puppy. The puppy named Winston was getting better step by step. He was adopted by a woman ned Melanie.

She took care of the dog and the woman even kept contact with Wesley and showed how the puppy got stronger and healthier. After two months the health state of the puppy changed abruptly for the better.At last Wesley travelled to Dallas.

Wesley and the puppy will soon meet.It is very interesting after such a long time will the dog know the man who saved his life.

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