A German shepherd waits in front of the door till his owner returns home from spending a night in hospital


A German shepherd as for all the shepherds her family is the most dominant thing in her lifetime. The shepherds are guiding thier family and are besides their family.

The time the grandfather was at the hosptial for a night, the shepherd continued to wait for the owner near the door. In this behaviour he showed his devotion and everlasting love towards his owner.

Everything began very early when Leia was taken to her grandmother and grandfather house for her holiday.

The grandfather felt bad in the evening and that that is why he was taken to a hosiptal. The grandmother came home without the grandfather as because of the covid she was not allowed to stay there.

The dog welcomed the grandmother and very quickly understood that something had happened. The dog was sad and lay at the door looking at the door with her head nodding very upset.

Nobody saw how the dog was connected to the dog till this behaviour of the dog. The garndfather made a decision to keep the dog with him forever.

Luckily, the grandfather felt good and came back home. When seeing his owner the German shepherd felt happy.

This is a true example how much are dogs connected to their owners. The devoted creatures feel what we humans feel in general.

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