A kitten who is paralysed, finally has a second chance to walk


A cat who was left alone was taken to a veterinarian with serious injures on legs. He was given an oportunity to to walk once more by the members of the clinic who gave him a wheelchair from Lego.

The kitten is named Mac. They call him Mac as he was seen in a box of chesse and macaroni in New York.

The vet of the kitten says he becomes cheerful while he walks on this wheelchair. He is so strong. He even gains energy to walk step by step.

He was examined and even did X-rays. His nutration is also good. He is loved and taken care of by the staff here.

One of the members of the clinic takes care of the kitten and has even made a decision to adopt the kitten.

She and her husband will give proper medication to the kitten. The couple just adores the kitten. The kitten is so cute and affectionate.

Mac even has his own facebook page and he has also many fans who follow him. We hope he will soon be cured completely.

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