Influential video. Broken hearted Husky can not stop sobbing on the tombstone of his owner


A broken hearted dog can not bear the loss of his owner. He cries on his tomb and can not get used to the grief. This is a true example of how deep emotions dogs spread towards their owners.

They even feel the absence of thier owners. They do not forget thier friends and owners even when they have not seen for a long period of time.

This story is about a dog of breed of Siberian Husky who suffers from the loss of his owner’s grandmom. He is taken to the gravestone regularly so that the Husky feels the warmth of his owner.

Nowdays he lives hard days trying to overcome the absence of the kind hearted and caring owner. This dog is given an opportunity to visit the graveyard and to be near to the grandmom as he had not seen the dog for a long time.

Here is the video of the cute Husky visiting the gravestone of his owner’s gravestone:

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