A heart touching story. Finally the woman who lost her dog because of her illness found her dog. She had looked for her for already two years


A woman named Kameroun Mares at last saw his dog which was lost. He never gave up on looking for him everywhere possible. The dog was named Semper Fidelis.

The scene is so heartwarming to see how the two true friends meet. The dog was this woman’s favourite pet, that unluckily was missing one day.

The woman used every effort to find the cute husky. Actually, she found the dog two years later. The time they got acquainted the dog was lovely and tiny creature. The woman lived a horrible period in her life.

She fought against a terrible illness called cancer. The dog Semper was a very nice friend for  the woman.

When Kameroun first met Semper, he was a little and  adorable puppy. It was a very hard period of life for this kind woman, she was struggling against cancer.  The dog was a nice friend for this woman struggling for her surviving.

The dog’s name  Semper Fidelis had the meaning “always trustful”, and that suited with the name of the dog. He was a very friendly and loyal dog.

Unfortunately the woman had to go to California for her treatment. She left the dog to the person with whom she lived with. Once the woman got a phone call that the dog was lost.

The woman did her best to find the dog. She did everything needed to see her dog.  After many efforts she could find that the dog  who was put for selling.

And besides it turned out that the person whom the woman gave the dog he put the dog for  selling.Fortunately, they finally met after long isolation and now enjoy their lives together.

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