A funny video. How eight dogs were able to decorate the X-mas tree with pleasure when they were left all alone in a flat


Eight sweet dogs decorate a X-mas tree and they do this so willingly. They even decorate the tree with pleasure.  Dogs are famous for thier ability to make their owner feel happy when they notice that their owner is sad.

In this case by a simple gesture of the owner of these eight dogs a Christmas tree is decorated by these cute creatures.

A video dowloaded and spread on the intrnet depicts this beautiful and funny scene. Nora Vamosi-Nagy explains that the eight dogs were left alone in her flat in Budapesht.

One after another do different things in order to decorate the house and Christmas tree. The Pit bull collects the rag. White dog named Fako fetches all the decorations. Unluckily the box full of balls and other ornaments falls down but the dog use this chance and start the process of decoration.

Other dogs named Skoda and Yoda do their decoration task in a very professional way while putting the garland. These dogs behaved as if they did this decoration process for several time. The dogs even put gifts under the Christmas tree.

After all decoration they lay under the tree looking at their X-mas tree. They even switch on lights. Such a beautiful scene. The owner of these dogs should be very happy to have them.

Here is the heartwarming video:


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