Watch the video. An owner of the dog rescues the dog from the jaws of the large crocodile


A man goes very quickly to rescue his dog from furious alligator. There are many people who do everything to save their dog and they will do their best.

The owner is able to do such life dangering things for his pet. He can give not only love and care but also protect his pet in any case.

This story is about a man in Florida who struggled with the alligator to rescue the hopeless and cute puppy. Wildlife camera made a video of this terrible accident.

The video spread widely through the internet. The video shows how the man struggles against the reptile whose jaws are very powerful.

The dog also tries to escape but thanks to his owner he is finally rescued. His owner tries to open his jaws and at that time the dog makes efforts to ran away.

Here is the video of rescueing this tiny cute dog:

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