A heartwarming video of the rescue of the puppy. Mama dog asked for help for her puppy who was at the edge of death. She was sitting next to her exhausted and in despair


Mother dog asked for help for her puppy. The rescuers came to the place where the incident happened. When they saw the eyes of mother dog in despair.

The mother dog sat next to her passing away baby having a hope to be rescued. The dog was colloborative and gave permission to the members of rescuers to take her dog.

The state of the puppy was serious. There was little hope if she could be saved. Luckily, she was looked after, fed very nicely and after complete care she was taken back to her mom. The mother of the dog was waiting for her puppy affectionately.

Here is  the video of the rescue as well as the reunion of the puppy with his mom:

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