A maltreated dog was rescued from transforming into a stone. Finally he becomes a healthy dog


A dog which was abondened outdoors in the streets of Greece. The dog turned into a hard stone. He was neglected and had a miserable look.

Unluckily, nobody supported the dog all in despai. The dog lost his hope that some day somebody would help him. He was very hungry and had a lack of fluid. He was badly treated and malnourished strolling all day in the streets.

One day the rescue team got a phone call about saving this exhausted dog. The rescue staff responded immediately. The dog was only five years old. He had many health problems and needed careful cureing.

Luckily after a serious nursing for already 4 months. The state of the dog got better.

Her skin which was like a stone turned into a soft skin and fluffy hair. We hope he will soon have a forever and beloved home.

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