An emotional video about the rescue of the little puppy. A mother dog was sobbing and begging for help for his suffering puppy


Mother dog was sobbing and bagging for support for his little puppy. Here in the video the scene is depicted. The dog was suffering and trying to ask people for help. He did everything possible so that people noticed him crying.

Luckily,a reascue team came in time to rescue the wounded puppy. But the mother dog was left as she had also other puppies. The dog had four another puppies to take care of.

The mother dog seemed to believe these rescue oraganization members.

The injures were so serious that the puppy was not able to move or walk.

The puppy was looked after and given proper treatment here. Now he feels good and has a good health state after serious curing.

Here is the unbelievable scene of the gathering between Toggle and his cute family:

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