The hopeless dog was all in mud and very dirty sitting in the middle of the road unnoticed by many passerbies


The hopeless puppy was sitting in the middle of the highway full of dust and mud. Nearby there a process of construction. The dog did not go away even when trucks and cars passed.

The dog was in a place where a construction was going on. The dog was not afraid of very big cars.

He remained in his place without moving. He was covered all in mud.

The track driver screamed out to the puppy that the place was not a spot to seek for food for the dog as there  were not any restaurants there.

The dog was freezing from cold and starving from hunger.

The driver made a decision to help the puppy and took him home. The puppy was washed and fed properly.

After bathing the dog it turned out that the dog was a dog golden retriever. It was black coloured when he was not cleaned.

The eldest brother of the track driver adopted the cute puppy with beautiful and smart eyes. He looked so sweet and cute.

Thanks to these men the puppy is rescued and gets a second chance to live. This dog deserves to live in such a lovely family.

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