This dog in pain was neglected by passerbies, but nobody worried about him


A dog attracted the attention of people by his enormous size but he was neglected by people. Nobody cared to help him. He was terrible suffering from pain and lay hopelessly on the ground.

Those people who worked at a gas station in Brazil accidently noticed the cute puppy. A passerby left this dog.

This dog was a stray one. He was fed by the remains left in the near restaurant. He gained extra weigh because of this being overfed.

The dog was named Bolinha. He was already 80 pounds. Everybody came to this dog which was overweigh all in obesity.

He was so fat that he could not move or walk. At this point he attracted people’s attention.


Activists took care of him in order he lost his weigh as well as he was doing exercises.

Some swimming process were also done for having a normal weigh. He lost 30 pounds.

His abrupt changing is the result of his and those people’s hard work. Due to the people who helped him to overcome this obstacle he has a second chance to live.

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