A brave dog rescues his owner’s life by lying on him and barking for help for already 20 hours in a freezing weather. The man had fallen down and smashed his neck


A cute dog rescued the life of the man who had slipped and broke his broke his neck. The dog lay 24 hours on him in a cold weather conditions .

The dog lay on his body in a snowy weather and made noises so that somebody came and helped the suffering man.

The man’s name is Bob. He came out of his house to collect wood for Christmas Eve. The dog is named Kesley. He was five years old golden retriever.

The dog just  saw the man lying and calling for help. He lay on his body barking for help and warming up the man by licking him.

Even when the man could not call for help the dog did not stop barking. In the morning one of the neighbours heard the barking and rescued the man calling an ambulance.

The dog saved his life as he warmed the man and kept always alert . Both the man and the dog will be cured rapidely.

The dog is a real hero. He did his best and was praised by all animal clinic staff members.

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