A generous and kind boy who is only 9 years old just buys and gives food from his pocket money to unsheltered dogs. Luckily, he collects money to open a shelter for stray dogs


A cute boy spends all her money that he has in his pocket giving food to unsheltred and strolling outdoor dogs.

There are still many people who do not even notice those stray dogs. It is very praising that a nine years old boy can just spend his money on feeding these outdoor dogs.

Many children at his age would not even pay attention to these dogs. They would prefer to waste their money on sweets.

This boy named Ken Amante did really a heroic act feeding those puppies in the streets of Philippines.

This kind act of the boy was noticed by many people and the people donated money so that an animal shelter would be opened.

All those stray dogs would live here. Even the boy’s father did not know why his son always carried food from home to streets.

When one day he followed and saw what his son did. He was very touched and proud of him by his  act.

Luckily by many donations he has a shelter where all stray dogs in this area live and even the boy’s shelter provides food for neighborhood dogs.

A real hero. Worth praising this kindhearted and generous boy.

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