An abandoned dog with sad eyes full of sorrow waits somebody to adopt him. He was left all alone outdoors with a sign on his face


A dog named Remy was suffering in the streets. His owners abandened him. Howl of the dog company noticed the dog.

When the dog saw the members of the company he always hoped to be adopted. The dog moved his tail sitting in the same place where he was left.

This story happened in Romania. The dog had a sign burnt spot on his face.

It was done as this iron bufnong is considered to support curing distemper and promoting high system of immunity.

The stary dog was walking in the village looking for food. He was sleeping near grocery market in order to be fed by a shopkeeper.

Every time the dog sees the Howl of the dogs members he comes near and shows love. One day the members of the company made a decision to take the dog to the shelter. Soon he will be put for adoption in order that the dog had a forever home.

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