Such a heartwarming scene. How the dog greeted his owner at the airport. It was already two years since the dog had not seen him


Every time a person goes in for army service. He is waiting compassionately to see his family members.

This is a story about a soldier named Brent. The serviceman wanted to see his family very eagerly.

Both the man and his family missed each other very much. But one member of the family was not expected to come to the airport and greet his true friend.


The time the soldier was already at the terminal walking to his family he was very exhausted and tired.

When the man saw his family members he was very happy and excited but at that time he kneeled down to welcome and hug his devoted dog.

The dog ran to him to hug him tightly and in this way he showed his warmth and sense of missing. The dog moved his tail. The scene was so heart touching.

All this speaks about true emotions between a person and his dog. Dogs are true and faithful friends for human beings.

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