A heart touching scene how the dog says goodbye to his owner


This is a story about man who was dying.  He was named Ryan. He was only 33 years old. Unlickily, he suffered from brain hemorrhage.

He had a devoted and true friend a dog. The dog was so connnected with his owner. The members of the medical clinic brought the dog to say goodbye to his owner.

The sister of the dying man told that the scene is heart touching. The dog felt that the dog really felt that his owner was passing away.

The dog was so excited and his eyes were full of grief. He suffered badly about the loss of his kind hearted dog. The dog is in safe hands know the sister of the owner will look after the dog.

It is very touching that the man’s donor heart was given to a seventeen years old boy. He was rescued due to this man’s donor heart. Rest in peace Ryan.

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