A dog who became earless because of the fire was given an earless hello kitty toy to make the dog feel better


A dog was badly burnt in the fire. He was named Scooby. His ears must be cut off as they were seriously damaged.

The vets and all the members of the medical clinic made a decison to give the earless dog and earless hello kitty toy to the dog.

The bad fire broke out in the a cab of a truck at that time the owners went to food storeroom to gather stock.

There were two dogs in the truck. One escaped, the other remain in the car. The dog had bad burns.

He is only 3 years old. His nose is also burnt.  The vets did their best to treat his nose.


All the staff and family members helped the dog to overcome the hazardous things he sees now. That is why they gave him a toy Hello Kitty without ears to comfort him.

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