A faithful and true dog does not want to leave his sister’s side after she passed away on one side of the highway


A dog does not want to go away from his friend dog who passed away. It took much time for animal shelter staff members to make him believe them.

The dog was named Guardian. The name of the dog corresponds with his protective reactions.

He did not let anybody touch his friend and did his best to protect the dog. The time the rescue team came they could hardly take the dog.

As the dog put his paw on the dog and this was a way for him of protection.

The rescue team had difficulties to convince the dog that they were only there for support. At last they succeeded in persuading the dog to follow them and to come to an animal shelter with them.

After some time the dog was adopted and he has a loving and forever home now. He is a true friend who still struggled for his friend and protected up to the last day of his friend’s life.

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