A fisherman meets his dog again whom he considered that he had lost in the seawater


One day a fisherman went fishing with his dog. The man’s name is Alfonse Attard. The dog’s name is Jack.

Unluckily they had a horrible incident while they were on the boat.The boat turned over and the fisherman and his dog fell into the water.

The man clung into the boat until another boat came.There was a boat coming and seeing this the people helped him.

Alfonse Attard insisted that the men continued their search for his dog. They looked for the dog for a long time.

This dog was a true friend for this man for already 18 years. A rescuer turned the boat and saw the dog inside.

The rescue took about an hour.The scene of the rescue was so heart touching when the fishman and the dog met again. Luckily both the man and his dog are rescued and are safe and sound.

Here is the video:

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