A devoted dog saved the life of the tiny girl from venemous rattlesnake


A German Shepherd was adopted from an animal shelter. The dog was named Haus.The dog was two years old. The dog was rescued once now he rescues the family’s daughter.

The dog saved her from rattlesnake bite. The girl’s name is Molly. She is only seven years old.

The dog continously came back and forward and did his best to protect the girl from this dangerous creature.

The dog stood in front the girl and did not even ran away. He is just a true friend standing between two of them.

This act of the dog is a true example of devotion and courageousness. The dog was taken to a vet he had three bites on his leg. He will be cured here. He will be given painkillers and anti-venom medication.

His medical expenses are very expensive that is why a fund was opened to devote the money for his curing. The dog deserves everything as he rescued and protected the family.

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