A heroic dog rescued his owner’s life from burning house by poking him with his nose to awaken him


A dog rescued his owner’s life when a fire broke in their house. He saved him by waking up the man approaching his nose to him.

The dog was named Curly.The fire broke out so quickly that the fire destroyed half of the house. The dog was adopted by the man three years ago.

The man was named Rand. He was a veteran.The man did not even realize that the dog would save his life one day. Once the man saved his life now the dog saves his life.

When the man got up he noticed that all his house was in smoke. There were flames all over the house. The man could escape from burning house with his dog and call 911.

The firefighters could bring out some belongings of the man as well as his medals.

The man lost his house as it was destroyed. He feels very sad but he is lucky to have such dog as the dog saved his life. Adopting a dog can save a person’s life.

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