PHOTOS. A kind boy who is eleven years old bathes unsheltered dogs every Saturdays to rise their opportunity to be adopted


A boy from Brazilia does a very important thing to make people adopt dogs. He regularly baths stray dogs on Saturdays.

The aim of bathing the unsheltered dogs is to increase the opportunity of being adopted. The boy’s name is Thaigo.

He is only eleven years old. He introduces a project named “I am homeless, but I am clean”.

He even cooperates with a regional shop that donates shampoo and food for the stray dogs. He has worked in this project from 2020.

The boy’s dad also helps him taking pictures of these stray dogs. He does this to inform people about these creatures to be adopted very soon.

The boy is a vegeterian as he is not able to imagine how some animals are grown in order to be eaten.

The boy is a true example of kindness. He can be an example for many people. By doing little things we can change the lives of unsheltered dogs. The boy has already bathed 47 unsheltered dogs.

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