The frightened dog was left alone by his rude owners tied to a lamppost at the side of the road


Graham Dobson was the man who noticed a dog chained from the lamppost. The dog was bending his head and looked so frightened and lonely.

The man was going to work when he stopped
his car seeing the dog. He fed the dog and  gave water. The man waited for some time as he thought that his owners would come back after the dog.

But the owners just left him. The dog understood that the heartless owners abondened him. He was so sad. He was cute and friendly dog .

The man called a rescue organization. They took the dog and are looking for a forever home for the dog. The dog has a new name. He is called Max.

Max will be adopted soon. He is given love and care. Max will have a forever home as he deserves this. He will never be treated badly or neglected.

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