The soldier gives his K-9 loyal friend a hug for the last time and stays with the dog until the last moment of his life


A man who was serving as a sargeant in the United State air force had a dog friend a German shepherd with whom he worked with. The dog was named Bodza.

The dog Bodza worked with the man from 2006. They became inseperable friends. The dog sniffed and detected bombs. He supported to rescue people. The dog taught many things to the man.

The time came when the dog had to be retired. The sargeant became so close to the dog that he made a decision to adopt the cute dog.

The dog was very faithful to the man. He was always with the owner. The dog lived a happy life until it was found that the dog had an incurable illness which influenced on the dog’s spinal cord.

The dog lost his hind legs and could not walk after some time. He was in a stressful situation. Kyle and his nine co-workers took the dog to a vet clinic in Texas.

The sargeant and his friends put the dog into a cover and the dog passed away in the arms of the sargeant. The sergeant began crying.

The boss put the flag on the dog. It was very hard for the owner of the dog to lose his loyal friend dog.

The sargeant said that the dog was loyal to him and he can not believe that he lost the dog. Rest in peace, Bodza.

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