A kind-hearted boy who is 12 years old creates modern bow ties for the dogs and cats in the animal shelter so that they would be adopted faster


A kind boy named Darius Brown made a decision to help the shelter dogs and cats to be adopted soon. He made bow ties for them so that the dogs became noticeable and looked stylish.

He did everything to rescue the dogs and make the chance of being adopted very soon. He is only 12 years old.

He spends much time in creating beautiful bow ties for the dogs every week. He just wants them to have a forever home. The boy just adores dogs.

When the boy was two years old was diagnosed to have comprehenssion delay. But he was so determined that he overcame all the obstacles. His mother and sister helped him very much.

He has dedicated many bowties to dogs in America. Creating one bow tie takes fifteen or twenty minutes. He spreads bow ties to five states.

He is a very kind person. He got many awards even got an encouraging letter from former president Barack Obama.

All the family members are very proud of him. He had an aim and fullfilled his dream. He just thinks by doing this he will make the process of the dogs being adopted very fast.

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