A perfect match. A boy with prosthetic leg has become a true friend with a puppy without front right paw


A golden retriever without a front paw and a boy whose right leg was amputated 3 years ago became close friends. The boy is seven years old. He was named Paxton Williams.

The dog was named Marvel. The boy was born premature had an infection which damaged his limb.

That is why after 3 years prosphetic limb was placed.The mother of the boy says that the pet helps the boy as the boy says the dog is like me.

They spend much time together and the dog has become a consolation for the boy.

After some time when the dog becomes bigger he will need a wheelchair for the movement. The father of the boy hopes that some day the boy and the pet will run together.

They are really perfect match, true and devoted friends for each other. The dog makes the boy’s day. They play and go for a walk together.

Here is the video:

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