This dog left by his owners was so desperate that he was not able to bow his head


A dog left in the animal shelter does not rise his head. He always bends towards. He was abondened by his family. The family gave the dog to their friend.

Unfortunately, the new family also left the dog in the shelter after two months. The dog was seven years old.

Now he lives in the shelter and is not friendly. He keeps on sitting his head bending down and is scared when somebody comes. He rejected to walk or eat or move his head.

He was depressed. Although valunteers did their best to get him out of this stressful state.

The dog was taken by a rescue assosiation and after some time the dog became so friendly. His life changed abruptly.

The president of the Second chance rescue NYC Dogs thinks the dog will soon have a forever home. This dog Romeo is a true example that dogs get trauma when they are abandoned. They also have feelings and get in stress when they are left and it is very difficult regain their trust towards human beings. We hope he will soon have a forever home.

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