Unbelievable moment a courageous woman saves her dog who suddenly fell into the icy lake as the dog was following a bird.


This story is about a courageous act of a woman who saved the life of her dog. She was walking with her dog when her dog followed a bird and fell into an icy water.

She jumped immediately into the icy water. She did not hesitate for a moment and risked her life to rescue the dog.

She must smash into the icy lake and swim and smash ice to reach the dog which was ten metres away.

She took him out of the water and lifted him out. After rescueing the dog she also got out the icy water.

There was a cafe nearby. The cafe staff gave dry clothes to the brave woman.

Onlookers were so surprised that the woman acted abruptly. She took her dog and went home.

One of the passerbies even said how lucky she was that she was healthy and young.

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