Video. A brave dog acts very heroically rescueing the two labradors trapped in a moving canoe


Two dogs were trapped in a kayak. They were playing nearby the canoe. They were on the shore when a wind began to blow and move the canoe.

The two labrador dogs jumped into the canoe as they thought it would be funny. They did not even understand that they made a mistake.

When they realized the canoe went farther and farther they began to bark as they wanted someone to help them.

Luckily, a black labrador heard their noises and jumped into the water. The dog knew to swim very well. He swam faster and faster to reach the canoe.

The dogs threw the rope to water so that the black labrador grabbed it. The scene was as if the dogs knew how to be saved.

The dog grabbed the rope in order to save and pull the dogs to the shore. Fortunately, three dogs are safe and sound now.  The brave dog risked  his life to rescue those two canines.

Here is the video:

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