Video. A courageous dog rescues the life of a drowning girl when he hears cries for help.


This story is about a brave dog who rescued a woman’s life. The dog was a golden retriever named Norman. The dog saved the girl’s life.

The girl was named Lisa Nibbley. The dog was abandoned by his owners. The dog was brought to an animal shelter. The dog was adopted from this shelter by Anette and Steve Mcdonalds.

The time the couple took the dog home they noticed that the dog had a problem connected with his vision.

He was taken to a vet and it turned out that this illness was uncurable. After some time the dog became blind.

He was strong enough not to pay attention to his blindness he walked and played as other dogs.

When the owner of the dog and the dog were walking along the beach they heard cries of help of a girl who was drowning.

The dog acted heroicly and saved the girl. The dog is a real hero. He just understood what to do at that moment.

Here is the video:

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