A diabetic boy was saved due to his faithful dogs who found him collapsed in the forest because of diabetic attack


A boy fell down in the forest nearby their house. He had a diabet and because of this illness he had a diabetic attack.

Luckily, the boy had two devoted dogs. One of the dogs is named, the other is named Luna.

The boy’a name is Oscar. Due to the quick reactions of the dogs the boy is rescued.

When the dogs saw the boy lying down in a bad state, one of the dogs licked his face and began to make noises.

The other dog also came and ran to the father of the boy. He barked but after some time the boy’s father understood what was going on.

His father started to search for his son. The man told that due to these dogs his boy overcomes the difficulties  of this illness.

The dogs will be trained to be as a hypo dog. One of the dogs is already trained to tell whether the blood sugar degree is low or high. Hypo dogs are ment to bring juice to the person who has a diabet to help him.

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