The dog left abandoned had to eat leaves in order to survive


A bulldog was in a horrible state. She had skin infections. She was suffering from freezing cold and not proper nourishment.

The dog ate leaves in the streets. The scene was touching. She had to eat leaves so that she would be able to live. It is very terrible that people leave their dogs abandoned in such state.

Luckily, the rescue company staff members named  Homeless Paws came to help the dog. They covered the dog with the towel.

The two rescuers took the dog to a vet. The dog was in an awful state and it was difficult to measure her temperature.

After warming up the dog began to eat. The dog was being treated step by step. Her state became better. She was named Pumpkin.

After some time she gets stronger and her fur grows up. She was adopted by a caring and lovely family. Thanks to these rescue company Homeless Paws the dog is rescued.

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