A teenager saved a 16 years old dog trapped in a sewer drain
A teenager saved a dog which was visionless. The dog was 16 years old. He was trapped in a sewer.   All the neighbours searched for the dog which
A Christmas miracle. A lost cat was finally found after three years at Christmas
A woman lost her hope to find her cat who got lost three years ago. The cat named Jasmine was thier favourite cat. The family did their best to find the cat.
A kind-hearted boy who is seven years old saved 1,300 dogs by looking for home for each of them
A boy whose name is Roman helped many dogs finding a forever home for them. He got the title the kid of the year. This boy saved 1,300 dogs.
An elderly dog abandoned in a dirty and dangerous place felt awful.
A senior dog was left near dirty and dangerous place. The dog was named Musafa. The place where he was left was full of chemicals and treatment installations.
There was a fire in the fishing boat while the Navy sailors rescued four cats from the boat which was sinking
A ship was sinking beacause a fire broke out in it. This accident happened in 2021 March. Thai sailors saved four cats which were nearly sinking in the sea.