An elderly dog abandoned in a dirty and dangerous place felt awful.


A senior dog was left near dirty and dangerous place. The dog was named Musafa. The place where he was left was full of chemicals and treatment installations.

It was obvious that the dog could not live in such horrible circumstances. A rescue oragnization named Hope for Paws noticed the dog in a terrible state. He smelt awful and he had health problems.

He was starving from hunger and thirst. He had skin infections and many diseases. Hia hair was dirty.

When the rescuer came near the dog the dog narrowed his eyes. The dog lost his hope towards people. It was difficult to convinence the dog.

After some time they could take the dog. The dog has now a foster family. He has chnaged into a better.

His state became better. He is fed properly and his health state gets better and better a day after a day. He is loved and taken care of.

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