A teenager saved a 16 years old dog trapped in a sewer drain


A teenager saved a dog which was visionless. The dog was 16 years old. He was trapped in a sewer.


All the neighbours searched for the dog which was of a Chihuahua breed. The dog was named Peanut.

The teen was 15 years old. He found out the favourite dog stuck in the underground. Anthony Malagrino heard the noises that the dog made from sewer drain.

He acted quickly as he was in the correct place at the correct time. The teen opened the cover of the sewer and rescued the dog.

When the owner of the dog heard about the saving of the dog. He went out of the house quickly bear feeted.

The dog has health problems connected with organs and his body temperature is also low. The dog is getting better a day after a day.

The dog has faced such bad case when Harris first adopted the dog 16 years ago. Harris found the dog tied to a wire in a construction place. The owner thanked the teen for saving his dog.

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