A stray shy dog followed a woman’s car having a great hope to be saved


An unsheltered dog followed a woman’s car hoping that he would soon be saved. The woman was driving her car when through her car mirror she saw a dog was coming after her car.

The woman named Valia Orfanidou works in Orpgan pet organization in Greece. When she saw the tiny dog she understood that the dog is need of help.

Valia put a stop to her car and got out of the car to help the little dog with black and white fur.

The dog was a little ashamed. The dog hid under the car nearby the tires. Gratefully, the woman was very patient.

She waited for some time and after that she took the dog into her car backseat. The tiny little dog finally felt safe. The dog was named Bandit. The dog was taken to a vet for the examining.

After some time he will be adopted and have a forever home. He is now looked after by a foster family. The dog was rather fortunate to meet this woman and chase her.

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