A puppy having a unicorn tail on his forehead has a good health state


A dog which was rescued has a short tail on his forehead. The puppy is named Narwhal.


The tail is the third of his backside tail. This makes him a unique puppy. The dog is 10 week old. The dog was found and saved by Mac’s Mission.

The puppy having a brown color and a tiny tail growth on his forehead was found from rural place.

The puppy was examined carefully and was taken to a vet. The health state of the dog is perfect. The dog is a mix breed of Daschund and Beagle.

The unicorn like tail makes the dog the coolest dog ever and is loved and taken care of in this organization which looks after the dogs who need special help.

The puppy is so adorable and all the staff members love him very much.

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